About Heather Listhartke


Dr. Heather Listhartke, Assistant Professor of Professional and Technical Writing for the English Department at Winthrop University, teaches undergraduate and graduate level writing courses including Composition, Digital Rhetoric, Professional and Technical Communication, with additional interests in cultural rhetorics and public writing practice. Heather also serves as the Internship Coordinator for the English department working to introduce and prepare students for their future careers.

She lives in Rock Hill with her partner Dakota, her son Braeden, and her daughter Storme.


Heather Listhartke received her B.A. in English Literature from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville; her M.A. in English Studies from Middle Tennessee State University, and her Ph.D. from Miami University (OH) in Composition and Rhetoric. Her dissertation entitled Communities and Cultures of Making: Integrating Cultural Practices of Community in Composition Spaces involved examining connections between composition pedagogy, makerspaces, and professional technical writing in order to sustain community development through accessibility and sustainability practices. Other research areas center around crafting accessibility inside and outside the classroom for students at all levels as well as writing pedagogy in composition, rhetoric, and technical/professional writing.


Heather has published work looking at inclusive mentorship and support practices for graduate students and graduate student parents in Xchanges, integrating social justice pedagogical practice into Technical and Professional Communication courses (Proceedings of ProComm 2023), and coordinating interdisciplinary research and writing practices in the general education and science curriculum course design (Proceedings for the American Chemistry Society). In addition, she’s also contributed work to Keywords in Making focusing on Intellectual property, Embodiment, and Peer Response (forthcoming).

Heather also has previously worked as a freelance content writer and has extensive online content articles published across Middle Tennessee publications including Parent Magazine and EmpowerLocal media outlets.